FIX Antenna .NET Programmer's Guide

EchoServer maintains FIX sessions initiated by the other side, receives application-level FIX messages and sends them back to Initiator.

When you start EchoServer it:

  • waits for incoming FIX connections;
  • echoes all incoming FIX messages.

EchoServer allows accepting incoming connections and creating correspondent acceptor sessions. All incoming application messages will be sent back to Sender (echo).

You can start EchoServer either by running the run.bat file that is located in the ...\B2BITS\FIX Antenna.NET\vX.X.X.X\samples\EchoServer\Release folder, where X.X.X.X is FIX Antenna version number, or using the Start menu. In the latter case you can go to Start -> All Programs -> B2BITS -> FIX Antenna.Net -> Samples.

See .NET Samples IP Configuration Guide for information about default IP Ports configuration setting in samples.

The upper part of an EchoServer window displays the active sessions and the lower part is an event log, each record corresponding to one event and consisting of the event time, name and description.

We suggest you to run EchoServer together with the SimpleClient sample.

Start both samples. Establish a new session in SimpleClient, connect it to port 9103, and check the Reset sequence numbers check box.

Select Message->Open... from SimpleClient menu and select the Order.msg file. Click on the Send button.

When EchoServer receives a message, it makes a copy of this message and sends it back.

Echo Server

All FIX messages that EchoServer sends back are received by SimpleClient and logged to the Event's Viewer text box.

Simple client receives echo messages from EchoServer
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