ICEFIX Antenna .NET Programmer's Guide

ICE Client is specially designed to facilitate testing third-party applications on compatibility with ICE customization of the FIX Protocol.

You can start ICE client either by running the run.bat file that is located in the ...\B2BITS\FIX Antenna.NET\vX.X.X.X\samples\ICE\Release folder, where X.X.X.X is FIX Antenna version number, or using the Start menu. In the latter case you can go to Start -> All Programs -> B2BITS -> FIX Antenna.Net -> Samples.

ICE Client is provided with a simple and intuitive graphical user interface.

Once the application is launched you can establish a connection with some computer and start testing your application. Click the "Connect" button in the upper left corner and specify the necessary parameters in the Connect Form.

ICE Sample - Create new connection window

UserName and Password are optional parameters.

After you establish the session you will be able to subscribe to Security Definitions and/or Trade Captures. Specify the SecurityID, the time starting with which you want to receive data and the Security Type. Decide whether you want to subscribe to Security Definitions or Trade Capture and click the corresponding button.

You can subscribe to multiple security types at once, but note please, that clicking the "Remove subscriptions" button will remove all subscriptions.

The lower part is an event log, each record corresponding to one event and consistng of the event time, name and description.

Click the "Disconnect" button to terminate the session.

ICE Sample - main window
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