CMEGlobexClientFIX Antenna .NET Programmer's Guide

CME Globex Client is a DOS-like application. You can start it either by running the run.bat file that is located in the ...\B2BITS\FIX Antenna.NET\vX.X.X.X\samples\CMEGlobexClient\Release folder, where X.X.X.X is FIX Antenna version number, or using the Start menu. In the latter case you can go to Start -> All Programs -> B2BITS -> FIX Antenna.Net -> Samples.

All actions in Console Sample are performed by means of a command line, i.e. via manually entered commands.

You will be provided with a choice menu upon each command execution.

CME Globex Client allows subscribing to instrument and unsubscribing from instrument. You will have to enter the Symbol from your keyboard in either case.

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