FIX Antenna .NET Programmer's Guide

Simple Client is an administrative application that allows initiating and accepting FIX sessions, exchanging and editing FIX messages.

You can start SimpleClient by running the run.bat file that is located in the FIX_Antenna_NET40_X.X.X_XXX\samples\SimpleClient\x64-Release\ folder, where X.X.X_XXX is FIX Antenna version number

Go to Session -> Create new to create a new session or press Ctrl + N.

Create new session in SimpleClient

The left column of the Create Session window includes all required parameters. If at least one of them is specified incorrectly, the session will not be created.

The right column includes extended parameters that are optional.

Custom Logon messages can be used after ticking the corresponding line on the bottom of window. You will have to refine your Logon message if your Stock Exchange utilizes its own customization of the FIX Protocol.

The upper part of the Simple Client window displays the message to be sent.

The middle part includes the list of active sessions. And the lower part is an event log, each record corresponding to one event and consistng of the event time, name and description.

SimpleClient main window

You can search for a particular symbol or the sequence of them in a raw message using the search line below the Send Message field.

You can write a message in the Send Message field and edit it. Or you can load a preset message and edit it before sending.

Go to Message -> Load to load a preset message and click the "Send" button to send it to the counterparty. Or select Message -> Send batch to load and immediately (without editing) send a number of preset messages from one file.

You can open a message in the table view and edit its tags, although adding and removing tags is possible only in the raw view. Right-click the Send Message field and select Edit from the context menu or press F4.

Editor of Fix messages
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