B2BITS FIX Antenna HFT  1.0.16
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Engine::TZTimeHelper::UTCDateOnly Struct Reference

Data about date. More...

#include <B2BITS_TZTimeHelper.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Engine::TZTimeHelper::UTCDateOnly:

Public Member Functions

 UTCDateOnly ()
 UTCDateOnly (System::u16 year, System::u8 month, System::u8 day)

Public Attributes

System::u8 day_
 day of the month - [1,31] More...
System::u8 month_
 months since January - [1,12] More...
System::u16 year_
 years More...

Detailed Description

Data about date.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Engine::TZTimeHelper::UTCDateOnly::UTCDateOnly ( )
Engine::TZTimeHelper::UTCDateOnly::UTCDateOnly ( System::u16  year,
System::u8  month,
System::u8  day 

Member Data Documentation

System::u8 Engine::TZTimeHelper::UTCDateOnly::day_

day of the month - [1,31]

System::u8 Engine::TZTimeHelper::UTCDateOnly::month_

months since January - [1,12]

System::u16 Engine::TZTimeHelper::UTCDateOnly::year_