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System Namespace Reference

Platform specific classes. More...


class  Condition
 Condition class provides communication, the ability to wait for some shared resource to reach some desired state, or to signal that it has reached some state in which another thread may be interested. More...
class  Directory
 Exposes static methods for enumerating through directories. More...
class  File
 An representation of file and directory pathnames. More...
class  FileEx
struct  IPAddr
 Represents IP address. More...
class  LockedFile
 Class which creates and destroys on exit locked file. More...
class  ManualEvent
class  MCachedFile
class  OldMutex
 Mutex - provides synchronization, the ability to control how threads share resources. More...
class  Semaphore
 Semaphore - a general synchronization mechanism. More...
class  SocketException
 Socket exception. More...
class  StatTime
 Represents a time representation, specific for statistics calculation. More...
class  SystemException
 System exception. More...
class  SystemTimer
 Timer-related functions. More...
class  Thread
 A thread of execution in a program. More...
class  Time
 Time-related functions. More...
class  TimeStamp
 Represents a specific instant in time, with millisecond precision. More...
class  WouldBlockSocketException
 Would block socket exception. More...


typedef SpinMutex EngMutex
typedef int16_t i16
typedef int32_t i32
typedef int64_t i64
typedef int8_t i8
typedef OldMutex Mutex
typedef spinlock_reentrant SpinMutex
typedef uint16_t u16
typedef uint32_t u32
typedef uint64_t u64
typedef uint8_t u8


u32 atomicCas32 (volatile u32 *mem, u32 with, u32 cmp) throw ()
u32 atomicDec32 (volatile u32 *mem) throw ()
u32 atomicInc32 (volatile u32 *mem) throw ()
u32 atomicRead32 (volatile u32 *mem) throw ()
void atomicWrite32 (volatile u32 *mem, u32 val) throw ()
timeval * toTimeval (timeval *dest, Time::AbsoluteSystemTime src)


const char SEP [] = "\n"
const int SEP_SIZE = 1
static const int Time_UTCTimestampMsNoZeroTermSize = sizeof( "YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS.sss" ) - 1
static const int Time_UTCTimestampMsSize = sizeof( "YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS.sss" )
static const int Time_UTCTimestampNoZeroTermSize = sizeof( "YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS" ) - 1
static const int Time_UTCTimestampSize = sizeof( "YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS" )
static const int Time_UTCTimestampUsNoZeroTermSize = sizeof( "YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS.ssssss" ) - 1
static const int Time_UTCTimestampUsSize = sizeof( "YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS.ssssss" )
static System::u64 const WIN_TIME_CORRECTOR = 116444736000000000ull

Detailed Description

Platform specific classes.

System subsystem namespace.

Typedef Documentation

typedef int8_t System::i8

Function Documentation

u32 System::atomicCas32 ( volatile u32 *  mem,
u32  with,
u32  cmp 
throw (
u32 System::atomicDec32 ( volatile u32 *  mem)
throw (
u32 System::atomicInc32 ( volatile u32 *  mem)
throw (
u32 System::atomicRead32 ( volatile u32 *  mem)
throw (
void System::atomicWrite32 ( volatile u32 *  mem,
u32  val 
throw (
timeval* System::toTimeval ( timeval *  dest,
Time::AbsoluteSystemTime  src 

Variable Documentation

const char System::SEP[] = "\n"
const int System::SEP_SIZE = 1
const int System::Time_UTCTimestampMsNoZeroTermSize = sizeof( "YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS.sss" ) - 1
const int System::Time_UTCTimestampMsSize = sizeof( "YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS.sss" )
const int System::Time_UTCTimestampNoZeroTermSize = sizeof( "YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS" ) - 1
const int System::Time_UTCTimestampSize = sizeof( "YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS" )
const int System::Time_UTCTimestampUsNoZeroTermSize = sizeof( "YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS.ssssss" ) - 1
const int System::Time_UTCTimestampUsSize = sizeof( "YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS.ssssss" )
System::u64 const System::WIN_TIME_CORRECTOR = 116444736000000000ull