B2BITS FIX Antenna HFT  1.0.16
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System::OldMutex Class Reference

Mutex - provides synchronization, the ability to control how threads share resources. More...

#include <B2BITS_Mutex.h>

Public Member Functions

void lock ()
 Locks the mutex. More...
 OldMutex (std::string const &debugName=std::string())
 Constructor. More...
bool tryLock ()
void unlock ()
 Unlocks the mutex. More...
 ~OldMutex ()
 Destructor. More...

Static Public Attributes

static pthread_mutexattr_t s_mutexAttr
 Describes the attributes of a thread mutex. More...


class Condition
void onceMutexRoutine ()
class Utils::CTGuard< OldMutex >

Detailed Description

Mutex - provides synchronization, the ability to control how threads share resources.

You use mutexes to prevent multiple threads from modifying shared data at the same time, and to ensure that a thread can read consistent values for a set of resources (for example, memory) that may be modified by other threads.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

System::OldMutex::OldMutex ( std::string const &  debugName = std::string())


System::OldMutex::~OldMutex ( )


Member Function Documentation

void System::OldMutex::lock ( )

Locks the mutex.

If the mutex is currently locked, the calling thread is blocked until mutex is unlocked. On return, the thread owns the mutex until it calls Mutex::unlock().

bool System::OldMutex::tryLock ( )
void System::OldMutex::unlock ( )

Unlocks the mutex.

The mutex becomes unowned. If any threads are waiting for the mutex, one is awakened.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Condition
void onceMutexRoutine ( )
friend class Utils::CTGuard< OldMutex >

Member Data Documentation

pthread_mutexattr_t System::OldMutex::s_mutexAttr

Describes the attributes of a thread mutex.

It should be considered an opaque record, the names of the fields can change anytime.