B2BITS FIX Antenna HFT  1.0.14
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Engine::ThreadsPoolListener Struct Reference

ThreadsPool listener interface. More...

#include <B2BITS_FixEngineThreadsPool.h>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from Utils::ThreadsPoolListener
virtual void onGoThroughThreads (ThreadAttrs &threadAttrs)=0
 This callback is called when one calls ThreadsPool::goThroughThreads(). More...
virtual void onNewThreadCreated (ThreadAttrs &threadAttrs)=0
 This callback is called when a new thread is created in the pool. More...
virtual void onThreadFinished (const ThreadAttrs &threadAttrs)=0
 This callback is called when the Runnable task of the thread from the pool is finished. More...

Detailed Description

ThreadsPool listener interface.