B2BITS FIX Antenna HFT  1.0.16
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Installation & Uninstallation

Table of Contents

Supported platforms

Supported architectures

Supported operating systems and compilers:

Installation instructions

Under Linux

  1. Extract files from downloaded package
  2. Download and install 3rd party libraries
    • xercesc
    • libnuma
    • libstdc++ (do not link statically)
    • onload (optional)
    • boost (to build some samples)

When compiling, it is necessary to indicate adding the libV12.so library and headers path, necessary 3rd party libraries and the following definitions:


Install license

The License file contains encrypted information about the product, company it is issued to, expiration date, restrictions on instances, etc. It is distributed separately from the release package and is usually named "engine.license". The file must be placed somewhere on a hard disk and the path to it must be specified in the engine.properties file.

Uninstallation instructions

Under Linux

To uninstall FIX Antenna simply remove FIX Antenna directory from your hard disk. It is recommended to keep the license file though.