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ILink3V5::FieldsIterator Class Reference

#include <ILink3V5BinaryMessages.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FieldsIterator (const void *buffer, const size_t fieldsCount, const FieldDescriptor *fields)
virtual size_t getTotalSize () const
virtual std::ostream & toStream (std::ostream &os) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ILink3V5::CommonFieldsIterator
 CommonFieldsIterator (const void *buffer, const size_t fieldsCount, const FieldDescriptor *fields)
CHAR getCHARFieldValue () const
charNULL getcharNULLFieldValue () const
const AsciiString getClientFlowTypeFieldValue () const
CrossOrderType getCrossOrderTypeFieldValue () const
CrossPrioritization getCrossPrioritizationFieldValue () const
CrossType getCrossTypeFieldValue () const
CxlRejRsp getCxlRejRspFieldValue () const
CxrRejRsp getCxrRejRspFieldValue () const
const DATAgetDATAFieldValue () const
const Decimal32NULLgetDecimal32NULLFieldValue () const
const Decimal64NULLgetDecimal64NULLFieldValue () const
enumNULL getenumNULLFieldValue () const
const AsciiString getExchFlowTypFieldValue () const
ExecTypeCxl getExecTypeCxlFieldValue () const
ExecTypeExp getExecTypeExpFieldValue () const
ExecTypeModify getExecTypeModifyFieldValue () const
ExecTypeTrade getExecTypeTradeFieldValue () const
ExecTypNew getExecTypNewFieldValue () const
ExecTypRej getExecTypRejFieldValue () const
ExecTypStatus getExecTypStatusFieldValue () const
MessageField getField () const
template<class T >
T * getGroupFieldValue () const
const groupSizeEncodinggetgroupSizeEncodingFieldValue () const
const groupSizegetgroupSizeFieldValue () const
const AsciiString getHMACVersionFieldValue () const
Int32 getInt32FieldValue () const
Int32NULL getInt32NULLFieldValue () const
LegSecIDSource getLegSecIDSourceFieldValue () const
LocalMktDate getLocalMktDateFieldValue () const
MassAction getMassActionFieldValue () const
const MaturityMonthYeargetMaturityMonthYearFieldValue () const
const messageHeadergetmessageHeaderFieldValue () const
ModifyStatus getModifyStatusFieldValue () const
NoPtyUpd getNoPtyUpdFieldValue () const
OrdStatusCxl getOrdStatusCxlFieldValue () const
OrdStatusCxlRej getOrdStatusCxlRejFieldValue () const
OrdStatusCxrRej getOrdStatusCxrRejFieldValue () const
OrdStatusExp getOrdStatusExpFieldValue () const
OrdStatusNew getOrdStatusNewFieldValue () const
OrdStatusRej getOrdStatusRejFieldValue () const
PartyIDSource getPartyIDSourceFieldValue () const
const PRICE9getPRICE9FieldValue () const
const PRICENULL9getPRICENULL9FieldValue () const
SecurityIDSource getSecurityIDSourceFieldValue () const
SecurityReqType getSecurityReqTypeFieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString10ReqFieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString17FieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString20FieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString20ReqFieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString256FieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString2FieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString30FieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString30ReqFieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString32ReqFieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString3FieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString3ReqFieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString40FieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString48FieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString5FieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString5ReqFieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString75FieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString8FieldValue () const
const AsciiString getString8ReqFieldValue () const
const AsciiString getStringLength35FieldValue () const
const AsciiString getStringLength6FieldValue () const
UDI getUDIFieldValue () const
uInt16 getuInt16FieldValue () const
uInt16NULL getuInt16NULLFieldValue () const
uInt32 getuInt32FieldValue () const
uInt32NULL getuInt32NULLFieldValue () const
uInt64 getuInt64FieldValue () const
uInt64NULL getuInt64NULLFieldValue () const
uInt8 getuInt8FieldValue () const
uInt8NULL getuInt8NULLFieldValue () const
bool next ()
bool next (int fieldId)
virtual ~CommonFieldsIterator ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void iterateOverOptFields ()
virtual bool moveToNext ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ILink3V5::CommonFieldsIterator
bool gotToTheEnd ()
bool processBitField ()


class FieldsSetIterator

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ILink3V5::CommonFieldsIterator
unsigned int curBitFieldBitsNum_
unsigned int curBitFieldIndex_
u32 curBitFieldValue_
void * curBuffer
size_t curFieldIndex_
void * curOrigBitField_
FieldValueType curOrigBitFieldValueType_
const FieldDescriptorfields_
size_t fieldsCount_
bool initialized_
void * startBuffer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ILink3V5::FieldsIterator::FieldsIterator ( const void *  buffer,
const size_t  fieldsCount,
const FieldDescriptor fields 

Member Function Documentation

virtual size_t ILink3V5::FieldsIterator::getTotalSize ( ) const
virtual void ILink3V5::FieldsIterator::iterateOverOptFields ( )
virtual bool ILink3V5::FieldsIterator::moveToNext ( )
virtual std::ostream& ILink3V5::FieldsIterator::toStream ( std::ostream &  os) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class FieldsSetIterator