EPAM B2BITS C++ MOEX/Spectra MarketData handler  1.24.0
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Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams Struct Reference

Startup parameters. More...

#include <B2BITS_SpectraApplication.h>

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Public Types

enum  Transport { Sockets, SocketsIGMPv4, MyricomDBL }
 Type of transport layer. More...
typedef std::vector
< SpectraConnection
typedef std::map
< SpectraDataChannel,
std::list< SpectraDataChannel > > 

Public Member Functions

 SpectraApplicationParams ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * transportToString (Transport t)

Public Attributes

std::string templatesFn_
 Path to the templates file. More...
std::string configXml_
 Path to the configuration file. More...
size_t numberOfWorkers_
size_t incrementQueueSize_
bool checkUDPSender_
std::string listenInterfaceIP_
std::string nicConfig_
ActiveConnections activeConnections_
size_t incomingUdpBufferSize_
bool logIncomingMessages_
bool logIncomingUdpMessages_
Transport transportType_
size_t incrementalProcessorWorkerCount_
std::string incrementalProcessorInterfaceIP_
Transport incrementalProcessorTransportType_
TCPReplayParams tcpReplayParams_
 Params for TCPReplay recovery mode. More...
bool bindToInterface_
CustomSecDefFeeds customSecDefFeeds_
std::string scpProtocolName_
 Custom dictionary name for FIXT transport layer. More...
std::string appProtocolName_
 Custom dictionary name for FIX application layer. More...

Detailed Description

Startup parameters.

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Enumeration Documentation

Type of transport layer.


standard IP sockets


standard IP sockets with support IGMP v.4


Myricom datagram kernel bypass Layer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::SpectraApplicationParams ( )

Member Function Documentation

static const char* Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::transportToString ( Transport  t)

Member Data Documentation

ActiveConnections Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::activeConnections_

List of channel connection to use; empty means all connections are allowed. Default value is empty (all connections from configXml are used)

std::string Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::appProtocolName_

Custom dictionary name for FIX application layer.

bool Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::bindToInterface_
bool Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::checkUDPSender_

Pass true to check the UDP packet sender's IP address. Default value is true

std::string Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::configXml_

Path to the configuration file.

CustomSecDefFeeds Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::customSecDefFeeds_

Custom extra feeds for SecurityDefinitions getting. They are used for resolving by subscription to instruments. For example, params.customSecDefFeeds_[SpectraDataChannel("D", "ORDERS-LOG")].push_back(SpectraDataChannel("F", "FUT-INFO")) As a result FUT-INFO futures defintion feed will be used as the futures defintion feed for ORDERS-LOG

size_t Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::incomingUdpBufferSize_

UDP incoming buffer size. Should be tuned in case of UDP message miss

std::string Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::incrementalProcessorInterfaceIP_

IP of network interface to listen on for separate "X" processing; nullptr or empty std::string means all interfaces. Default value is null (all interfaces)

Transport Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::incrementalProcessorTransportType_

Transport layer for data reading by separated "X" threads Default value is Transport::SocketsIGMPv4

size_t Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::incrementalProcessorWorkerCount_

Number of separate threads to decode incoming "X" messages. (0 - disable separate processing of "X" Default value is 0

size_t Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::incrementQueueSize_

Maximum number of messages could be stored in recovery mode for the particular instrument. Default value is 50

std::string Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::listenInterfaceIP_

IP of network interface to listen on; nullptr or empty std::string means all interfaces. Default value is null (all interfaces)

bool Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::logIncomingMessages_

Pass true to write out to the log file incoming FIX messages Default value is false

bool Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::logIncomingUdpMessages_

Pass true to write out to the binary log file incoming FAST messages Default value is false

std::string Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::nicConfig_

The name of the xml file with NIC configuration. Default value is nic_config.xml

size_t Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::numberOfWorkers_

Number of threads to decode incoming data Default value is 4

std::string Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::scpProtocolName_

Custom dictionary name for FIXT transport layer.

TCPReplayParams Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::tcpReplayParams_

Params for TCPReplay recovery mode.

std::string Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::templatesFn_

Path to the templates file.

Transport Spectra::SpectraApplicationParams::transportType_

Transport layer for data reading Default value is Transport::SocketsIGMPv4