EPAM B2BITS C++ Bovespa MarketData handler  1.28.2
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Bovespa::TCPReplayParams Struct Reference

Represents TCPReplay params. More...

#include <B2BITS_BovespaApplication.h>

Public Types

typedef std::vector< std::string > ChannelIdList

Public Member Functions

 TCPReplayParams ()

Public Attributes

ChannelIdList channels_
 List of channel id, which will be using the TCPReplay recovery model. More...
std::string username_
std::string password_
 Password for authorization on TCPReplay connection. More...
std::string softwareId_
 Identification to be included in 58 tag in logon message. More...
u32 reconnectAttemptCount_
u32 reconnectIntervalSec_
u32 replayExtraAttemptsCount_
u32 replayExtraAttemptsPause_
u32 noreplyTimeoutSec_
std::string senderCompId_
 SenderCompId. More...
std::string targetCompId_
 TargetCompId. More...
std::string ip_
 TCP Replayer IP addresses. More...
std::string secondaryIp_
int port_
 TCP Replayer ports. More...
int secondaryPort_
bool logFIXMessages_

Detailed Description

Represents TCPReplay params.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<std::string> Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::ChannelIdList

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::TCPReplayParams ( )

Member Data Documentation

ChannelIdList Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::channels_

List of channel id, which will be using the TCPReplay recovery model.

std::string Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::ip_

TCP Replayer IP addresses.

bool Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::logFIXMessages_

Pass true to enable persistent storage for FIX messages Default value is false

u32 Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::noreplyTimeoutSec_

Time to wait before sending another replay request, in case replayer did not respond to the previous one default 180

std::string Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::password_

Password for authorization on TCPReplay connection.

int Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::port_

TCP Replayer ports.

u32 Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::reconnectAttemptCount_

Reconnect Attempt Count (-1 for infinite ) default -1

u32 Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::reconnectIntervalSec_

Time interval between reconnection attempts in seconds default 900

u32 Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::replayExtraAttemptsCount_

Number of extra replay attempts before resorting to a full recovery default 3

u32 Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::replayExtraAttemptsPause_

Pause between extra attempts in ms default 140

std::string Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::secondaryIp_
int Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::secondaryPort_
std::string Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::senderCompId_


std::string Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::softwareId_

Identification to be included in 58 tag in logon message.

std::string Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::targetCompId_


std::string Bovespa::TCPReplayParams::username_