SessionResendRequestLoopEventArgs Class

FIX Antenna .NET Programmer's Guide
Contains information about Session.ResendRequestEvent event.
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Namespace:  com.b2bits.FIXAntenna
Assembly:  FIXAntenna_net4.0 (in FIXAntenna_net4.0.dll) Version:

public class ResendRequestLoopEventArgs : SessionResendRequestEventArgs

The SessionResendRequestLoopEventArgs type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBeginSeqNo
Returns the message sequence number of first record in range to be resent (the BeginSeqNo field, tag = 7).
(Inherited from SessionResendRequestEventArgs.)
Public propertyEndSeqNo
Returns the message sequence number of last record in range to be resent (the EndSeqNo field, tag = 16).
(Inherited from SessionResendRequestEventArgs.)
Public propertyProcessResendRequest
If true resend request will be processed according to the standard. This is the default behaviour. If false resend request will be ignored i.e. neither messages will be resent nor gap fill will be sent. Output parameter. Default is true.
(Inherited from SessionResendRequestEventArgs.)
Public propertyResendRequestMsg
The Resend Request message.
(Inherited from SessionResendRequestEventArgs.)
Public propertyResetCounter
To reset #DuplicateResendRequestLimit counter pass true; false otherwise.

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