FixAntenna.NET Basic Development ConceptsFIX Antenna .NET Programmer's Guide

This section provides a detailed explaination of basic development concepts with an emphasis on specific character of FixAntenna.NET library implemetation.

We tried to avoid explanation of complex specification details of the FIX Protocol, and for users that will work with FIX Protocol for the first time we recommend reading Fix Protocol Concepts before this section.

Most concepts described in this section contain code snippets and are also supported by additional stand-alone examples Quick Samples that one can compile and run from Visual Studio.

Developers with past experience with other FIX libraries can have a quick start from "Hello, World!" Sample Walkthrough and then return to this section for additional information about FixAntenna library.

For a detailed API reference please see com.b2bits.FIXAntenna

In This Section

In this section you will find the following topics:

FixEngine describes the com.b2bits.FIXAntennaFixEngine class. It is a core class that you use to initialize all parameters and create sessions required for communication.

Messages describes the usage of com.b2bits.FIXAntennaFixMessage class for creating messages that conform with the FIX Protocol.

Sessions explains the usage of com.b2bits.FIXAntennaSession class for working with FIX sessions.

Error Handling explains how to implement error handling with Fix Antenna.

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