B2BITS FIX Antenna C++ 2.32.0
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Engine::FastSessionExtraParameters Struct Reference

Parameters of the FIX-over-FAST session. More...

#include <B2BITS_SessionParameters.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FastSessionExtraParameters ()
 Default constructor.
 FastSessionExtraParameters (const std::map< std::string, std::string > &properties, const std::string &prefix=std::string())
 Initializes all parameters to values fom properties or to default (NULL) values if property not found.
 FastSessionExtraParameters (SessionExtraParameters const &src)
 Conversion constructor.
void merge (const FastSessionExtraParameters &fastSessionExtraParameters)
 Merges parameters with another parameters.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Engine::SessionExtraParameters
void merge (const SessionExtraParameters &sessionExtraParameters)
 Merges parameters with another parameters.
void modifyOptional (const OptionalProperties &properties, const std::string &prefix=std::string(), bool fullLoad=false)
 modifyOptional modify parameters from optional values
 SessionExtraParameters ()
 Initializes all parameters to default (NULL) values.
 SessionExtraParameters (const std::map< std::string, std::string > &properties, const std::string &prefix=std::string())
 Initializes all parameters to values from properties or to default (NULL) values if property not found.
void update (const Properties &properties, const std::string &prefix=std::string(), bool fullLoad=true)
 Updates the parameters to values from properties.
virtual ~SessionExtraParameters ()=default

Public Attributes

TriBool enableFastScp_
FastMappingOptions fastMappingOptions_
- Public Attributes inherited from Engine::SessionExtraParameters
TriUInt64 aggressiveAsyncSpinWaitTimeUs_
 Defines a spin wait time in microseconds for waiting between spin iterations in a dedicated sending thread in the Engine::AGGRESSIVE_SEND_SOCKET_OP_PRIORITY mode.
TriInt aggressiveReceiveDelay_
 Defines a polling interval in microseconds for reading data from the socket.
TriBool allowMessageWithoutPossDupFlag_
 This parameter is an option whereby the repeated messages are received without PossDupFlag (43) field.
std::string cmeSecureKeysFile_
 Defined path to the secure keys.
ConfirmingLogonStrategy confirmingLogonStrategy_
 Defines application behavior in case of the Logout message being received instead of the confirming Logon message as an Initiator.
std::string connectAddress_
 Specifies IP of the NIC interface used to connect to the remote site.
TriInt connectPort_
 Specifies TCP port used to connect to the remote site.
TriAffinity64 cpuAffinity_
 Specifies affinity mask for dedicated threads of session.
std::string customLogonMessage_
 Custom logon message for initiator.
std::string customLogonMessageFileName_
 Custom logon message file name for initiator.
Utils::Emptily< CustomSessionTypecustomSessionType_
 Specifies whether a session should encrypt password each time.
TriBool cyclicSwitchBackupConnection_
 When true, connection will be switched from primary to backup and back until connection will be established.
TriBool deliverAppMessagesOutOfOrder_
 Forces Session to deliver Application Level messages if sequence number is too high.
TriBool disableTCPBuffer_
 When true TCP buffer (Nagle algorithm) will be disabled for session.
TriBool enableAutoSwitchToBackupConnection_
 When true, automatic switch mode is enabled.
TriBool enableMessageRejecting_
 When true, session reject application messages, when session unable to sent them during specified period or was disconnected.
EncryptMethod encryptMethod_
 Encryption method.
std::string fixKey_
 Specifies a FIX key for LME sessions.
TriBool forcedReconnect_
ForceSeqNumResetMode forceSeqNumReset_
 Force SeqNum reset mode.
TriBool generateCheckSum_
 If false, session will not calculate CRC for outgoing messages Default is true.
TriBool handleSeqNumAtLogon_
 Handle sequence gaps using NextExpectedMsgSeqNum field in the Logon.
TriInt hbi_
 HBI for initiator session.
TriBool hiddenLogonCredentials_
 Masks password in in/out logs.
std::string host_
 Host for initiator session.
TriBool ignoreSeqNumTooLowAtLogon_
 When true, session ignore 'SeqNum too low' at incoming Logon message and continue with received SeqNum.
TriBool intradayLogoutToleranceMode_
 Intraday logout tolerance mode.
InvalidLogonStrategy invalidLogonStrategy_
 Defines session's strategy on receiving invalid Logon message from the counterparty during the connection establishment.
TriBool isForwardingFixMessagesToLog_
 isForwardingFixMessagesToLog_ if true then all fix messages forwaring to the log system default value is engine parameter IsForwardingFixMessagesToLog
TriBool keepConnectionState_
 When true, primary to backup (and back) connection switching continue using existing message storage.
std::string listenAddress_
 Listen address for acceptor session.
Utils::Emptily< System::ListenEndpointslistenEndpoints_
 Acceptor session listen endpoints.
TriInt listenPort_
 Listen port for acceptor session.
std::string logDir_
 Defines path of the directory in which the logs for all incoming and outgoing FIX messages are stored.
TriBool logIncomingMessages_
 If true, session will store incoming FIX messages.
TriInt logonMessageSessionQualifierTag_
 Defines tag of the field to be used by FIX Engine when dispatching incoming connection.
std::vector< std::string > maskedTags_
 Specifies a tags which will be masked in log files.
TriInt maxMessagesAmountInBunch_
 Enqueued outgoing messages could merged and sent as a single buffer.
TriInt messagesStorageSize_
 This parameter specifies in-memory messages storage size.
TriUInt64 outgoingQueueBlockSize_
 Defines a block size in bytes for the preallocated outgoing queue block pool.
TriUInt64 outgoingQueueSize_
 Defines the amount of blocks for the preallocated outgoing queue block pool.
TriInt outOfSequenceMessagesQueueSize_
 This parameter sets size temporary queue for processing out of sequence messages default value is engine parameter OutOfSequenceMessagesStrategy.QueueSize.
Utils::Emptily< Engine::OutOfSequenceMessagesStrategyEnumoutOfSequenceMessagesStrategy_
 This parameter sets strategy for out of sequence messages default value is engine parameter OutOfSequenceMessagesStrategy.
std::string parserVersion_
 Protocol/parser identification.
std::string password_
 User's password.
TriInt passwordTag_
 Specifies a tag used to store a password.
TriInt port_
 Port for initiator session.
std::string pSenderLocationID_
 SenderLocationID (tag 142) - assigned value used to identify specific message originator's location (i.e.
std::string pSenderSubID_
 SenderSubID (tag 50) - assigned value used to identify specific message originator (desk, trader, etc.).
std::string pTargetLocationID_
 TargetLocationID_ (tag 143) - assigned value used to identify specific message destination's location (i.e.
std::string pTargetSubID_
 TargetSubID (tag 57) - assigned value used to identify specific individual or unit intended to receive message.
std::vector< RawDataTypeProcessingStrategies::CustomRawDataTagProcessingStrategyrawDataTagProcessingStrategies_
 rawDataTagProcessingStrategies_ processing *Len tags customization rules
TriInt reconnectInterval_
 This parameter specifies the time interval between reconnection attempts in order to restore a communications link.
TriInt reconnectMaxTries_
 This parameter specifies the number of attempts to restore the session.
TriAffinity64 recvCpuAffinity_
 Specifies affinity mask for dedicated receiving thread of session.
TriInt resendRequestBlockSize_
 Defines number of messages requested using Resend Request messages.
std::string resetSeqNumFromFirstLogon_
 Defines if sequence numbers should be reset when receiving a logon request first time.
TriBool resetSeqNumOnNonGracefulTermination_
 Defines if the session's sequence numbers should be set to 1 after non-graceful termination.
std::string schedule_
 Specifies schedule defined for the session.
TriAffinity64 sendCpuAffinity_
 Specifies affinity mask for dedicated sending thread of session.
Utils::Emptily< Engine::TZTimeHelper::TimeFlagssendingTimestampUnit_
 The expected value of the timestamp unit for 52 and 112 tags.
TriBool sendLastMsgSeqNumProcessed_
 Allows automatic adding the LastMsgSeqNumProcessed(369) tag to outgoing messages.
SessionRole sessionRole_
 Role of the session Initiator/Acceptor.
TriInt socketBusyPollTime_
 Sets the approximate time in microseconds to busy poll on a blocking receive when there is no data.
SocketOpPriority socketPriority_
 Priority of the socket send/receive operations.
TriInt socketRecvBufSize_
 Socket incoming buffer size.
TriInt socketSendBufSize_
 Socket outgoing buffer size.
TriInt socketTcpMaxSeg_
 Sets TCP maximum-segment size.
Addresses sourceIPaddress_
 The expected value of the source IP address.
TriBool ssl_
 Whatever to use SSL for the session.
std::string sslCACertificate_
std::string sslCertificate_
std::string sslCertificatePassword_
std::string sslCiphersList_
 Ciphers list configuration string.
Utils::Emptily< System::SSLContextsslContext_
 SSL context.
std::string sslPrivateKey_
std::string sslPrivateKeyPassword_
TriInt sslProtocols_
 SSL protocols to use.
TriBool sslValidatePeerCertificate_
TriStorageRecoveryStrategy storageRecoveryStrategy_
 Recovery storage parameters.
TriMessageStorageType storageType_
 Message storage type.
TriBool suppressDoubleResendRequest_
 Suppresses session to send Resend request message on every incoming message with sequence greater than expected.
TriTagsDelimiter tagsDelimiter_
 Specifies the tag delimiter in FIX Messages Default is SOH (0x01)
Utils::Emptily< std::vector< ThrottlerParameters > > throttlers_
 Defines throttlers to limit throughput.
Utils::Emptily< Transporttransport_
 Low level transport of the session.
TriBool useAsyncConnect_
 When true, session initiator will use async TCP connect.
TriBool useBlockingSockets_
 If true, session will use blocking I/O.
std::string userName_
 User name.
TriInt userNameTag_
 Specifies a tag used to store an username.
TriBool validateCheckSum_
 If true, session skip CRC validation for incoming messages Default is true.
ValidationParameters validation_
 Validation parameters.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Engine::SessionExtraParameters
typedef std::map< std::string, OptionalPropertyOptionalProperties
typedef Utils::Emptily< std::string > OptionalProperty
typedef std::map< std::string, std::string > Properties

Detailed Description

Parameters of the FIX-over-FAST session.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FastSessionExtraParameters() [1/3]

Engine::FastSessionExtraParameters::FastSessionExtraParameters ( )

Default constructor.

◆ FastSessionExtraParameters() [2/3]

Engine::FastSessionExtraParameters::FastSessionExtraParameters ( const std::map< std::string, std::string > & properties,
const std::string & prefix = std::string() )

Initializes all parameters to values fom properties or to default (NULL) values if property not found.

◆ FastSessionExtraParameters() [3/3]

Engine::FastSessionExtraParameters::FastSessionExtraParameters ( SessionExtraParameters const & src)

Conversion constructor.

Converts SessionExtraParameters to FastSessionExtraParameters

Member Function Documentation

◆ merge()

void Engine::FastSessionExtraParameters::merge ( const FastSessionExtraParameters & fastSessionExtraParameters)

Merges parameters with another parameters.

Member Data Documentation

◆ enableFastScp_

TriBool Engine::FastSessionExtraParameters::enableFastScp_

◆ fastMappingOptions_

FastMappingOptions Engine::FastSessionExtraParameters::fastMappingOptions_