B2BITS FIX Antenna C++  2.31.0
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Bats::SymbolMappingListener Class Referenceabstract

Symbol mappings receiver. More...

#include <B2BITS_BatsUnitService.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual bool onSymbolMappingMsg (const SymbolMappingMsg *msg)=0
 Called on option symbol mapping message,. More...
virtual void onUnsubscribed ()=0
 Called when listener is unsubscribed. More...

Detailed Description

Symbol mappings receiver.

Member Function Documentation

◆ onSymbolMappingMsg()

virtual bool Bats::SymbolMappingListener::onSymbolMappingMsg ( const SymbolMappingMsg msg)
pure virtual

Called on option symbol mapping message,.

true to proceed listening or false to unsibscribe

◆ onUnsubscribed()

virtual void Bats::SymbolMappingListener::onUnsubscribed ( )
pure virtual

Called when listener is unsubscribed.

Listener is not used by service after this call, you may call delete this from it. When service is being destroyed it automatically unsubscribes all listeners.