You should be familiar with Ant to use STAFF. If not, please read Ant Documentation first. See also Ant Frequently Asked Questions.

The following tables provide a short description of each data type and task and a link to the complete documentation.

FIX Tasks and Types

Task Name Description
BlockTask specify a set of FIX fields with values.
fixAcceptorType represents a FIX acceptor
fixDisconnectExpectTask starts listen disconnect event.
fixDisconnectValidateTask checks disconnect signal (if arrived) or wait time left from timeout - (current time - listener install time).
fixExecutorType represents a simple FIX executor.
fixFieldTask accesses FIX message field. FIX groups are also supported.
fixFilterFixInTask intercept incoming messages.
fixFilterFixOutTask intercept outgoing messages.
fixFilterRuleTest rule of filter.
fixInitiatorType represents a FIX initiator.
fixLimitTask is intended to ensure that no more messages were received by the FIX session. For example, if the session should not receive any messages during some period of time, you can check it with fixLimit task. If the message will be received during specified period of time, task fails.
fixMessageType represents a FIX message object.
fixReceiveTask receives FIX message from the session. Message verification including FIX fields and groups is supported.
fixSendTask sends FIX message to the session.
fixSequenceResetTask sends Sequence Reset message in reset mode to the FIX Peer.
fixStartTask starts FIX initiator, acceptor or executor.
fixStopTask stops FIX initiator, acceptor or executor.
fixWaitForLoginTask waits for FIX session establishment.
setControlLevelTask switchs level of messages controlled (Application/Session).


SMTP Tasks and Types

Task Name Description
smtpAcceptor Represents simple SMTP server. The tag has "configurationDirectory" parameter, that should contain path, absolute or relative, to the directory containing mail.conf, user.conf files. User.conf shouldn't be changed, mail.conf can be changed if necessary.
smtpMessage Type represents a SMTP message object.
smtpReceive Task receives SMTP message. Message verification is supported.
smtpStart Task starts SMTP acceptor.
smtpStop Task stops SMTP acceptor.


Common Tasks and Types

Task Name Description
forExtTask extends standard Ant <for> task.
randomGenerates random number of specified type from the specified interval.
sqlExtTask represent connection to DB.
TimestampTimestamp task generates 13 digits ESTTimestamp - count of milliseconds since the epoch (in UTC). The epoch is January 1st of 1970.
verifyCellTask verifies DB field value.