STAFF is Software Testing Automation Framework for FIX Protocol. It is a set of assumptions, concepts, and practices providing support for automated testing of FIX applications.

STAFF comes complete with a library of hundreds of Actions, as Ant-based tool. Each Action is designed to perform a single task, such as running a program or a service, renaming a group of files, creating a FIX connection, sending and receiving FIX messages, verification of received messages and much more. STAFF actions from the library are added in sequence to a project file, that is, an xml document. Each Action in the project corresponds to an individual step that you would normally do to accomplish your task.

It is easy to create and manage test cases and environments. Save and reuse STAFF projects using the same items as the last time it was run, with new items you select or with the built-in or third party items found on the web. You can even run STAFF in distributed environment using remote actions.

STAFF is based on Apache cross-platform Java-based build tool called Ant. In theory, Ant is kind of like make, without make's wrinkles. With STAFF you can easily integrate your tests into build process.