B2BITS FIX Antenna HFT  1.0.15
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file  ArrayAutoPtr.h
file  AutoPtr2.h
 Contains Utils::AutoPtr2 class declaration.
file  B2BITS_AutoPtr.h
 Contains Utils::AutoPtr class declaration.
file  B2BITS_Base64.h
file  B2BITS_Emptily.h
 Contains Utils::Emptily class definition.
file  B2BITS_Empty.h
 Contains Utils::empty and Utils::undefined variables definition.
file  B2BITS_Exception.h
 Contains Utils::Exception classes declaration.
file  B2BITS_Guard.h
 Contains Utils::Guard class declaration.
file  B2BITS_NullableValue.h
 Contains NullableValue template class definition.
file  B2BITS_ReferenceCounter.h
 Contains Utils::ReferenceCounter class declaration.
file  B2BITS_String.h
 Contains Engine::ByteArray, Engine::WideString and Engine::AsciiString classes definition.
file  B2BITS_StringUtils.h
 Contains StringUtils template class definition.
file  B2BITS_ThreadsPool.h
file  DGuard.h
file  FileProperties.h
file  FileProperties.hpp
file  Logger.h
file  nullptr.hpp
 Contains declaration of nullptr identifier.
file  Properties.h
file  RawBuffer.h
file  UtilsDefines.h
file  UtilsHelpers.h