B2BITS FIX Antenna HFT  1.0.16
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Deprecated List
Member Engine::BasicString< CharType >::toString () const
Use AsciiString::toStdString instead
Member Engine::FIXGroup::get (int tag, int index) const =0
Use get( int, FIXFieldValue *, int) const instead.
Member Engine::FIXGroup::release (FIXGroup const *pGroup)
Is not required anymore.
Member Engine::FIXGroup::release (FIXGroup *pGroup)
Is not required anymore.
Member Engine::FIXMessage::getBuffer (int *size, SecurityAttributes *sa=NULL) const =0
Use toRaw(int* size) const instead.
Member Engine::FIXMessage::getVer () const =0
Method is deprecated! The getApplicationVersion should be used to get version of protocol for the application message.
Member Engine::FIXMessage::setSender (const std::string &senderCompID)

Use FIXMessage::getSenderCompID instead.

Use FIXMessage::setSenderCompID instead.

Member Engine::FIXMessage::setTarget (const std::string &targetCompID)

Use FIXMessage::getTargetCompID instead.

Use FIXMessage::setTargetCompID instead.

Member Engine::FIXMessage::type () const =0
Use FIXMessage::type method instead.
Member Engine::persistent_storageType
Use Engine::persistentMM_storageType instead
Member Engine::Session::resetMessageStorage ()=0
Use Engine::Session::resetSeqNum method
Member Engine::TagValue::get (int tag, FIXFieldValue *value) const =0
Use get( int, FIXFieldValue *) const instead.
Namespace FIXField
Use FIXFields instead.