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Utils::Emptily< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Utils::Emptily< T >, including all inherited members.

_Myt typedefUtils::Emptily< T >
Emptily(const value_type &value)Utils::Emptily< T >inline
Emptily(Utils::EmptyValue)Utils::Emptily< T >inline
Emptily(const value_type &value, bool aIsEmpty)Utils::Emptily< T >inline
Emptily()Utils::Emptily< T >inline
Emptily(const Emptily< Other > &other)Utils::Emptily< T >inline
Emptily(const Other &other)Utils::Emptily< T >inline
Emptily(const Utils::NullableValue< T > &value)Utils::Emptily< T >inlineexplicit
equals(const _Myt &rv) const Utils::Emptily< T >inline
get()Utils::Emptily< T >inline
get() const Utils::Emptily< T >inline
hasValue() const Utils::Emptily< T >inline
init()Utils::Emptily< T >inline
isEmpty() const Utils::Emptily< T >inline
operator!=(const _Myt &rv) const Utils::Emptily< T >inline
operator*()Utils::Emptily< T >inline
operator*() const Utils::Emptily< T >inline
operator->()Utils::Emptily< T >inline
operator->() const Utils::Emptily< T >inline
operator=(const _Myt &value)Utils::Emptily< T >inline
operator=(const value_type &value)Utils::Emptily< T >inline
operator=(const Utils::NullableValue< T > &value)Utils::Emptily< T >inline
operator=(const Other &value)Utils::Emptily< T >inline
operator=(Utils::EmptyValue)Utils::Emptily< T >inline
operator=(const Emptily< Other > &value)Utils::Emptily< T >inline
operator==(const _Myt &rv) const Utils::Emptily< T >inline
value_type typedefUtils::Emptily< T >