B2BITS FIX Antenna C++ 2.32.1
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Platform Specific Notes

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Microsoft Windows

Windows 7 delivers new approach to the default user permissions. In the result user may experience some difficulties with installing FIX Antenna to the usual "Program Files" directory and running samples because of lack of writing permissions. It is recommended to install FIX Antenna to the directory where user has write permissions. Alternatively (but not recommended) FIX Antenna can be installed and run under Administrator.

Note that latest versions of FIX Antenna are installed to the Documents folder by default.


Linux is very demanding the versions of the libraries used in application. FIX Antenna comes with several 3rd party libraries required to run however it is possible that some libraries are still missing in the system, which prevents FIX Antenna from working. Simply contact sales.nosp@m.@bto.nosp@m.bits..nosp@m.com when you experience such difficulties and we will help you resolve the issue.