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What is FACTS?
FACTS is an interactive script-based service for testing applications for compliance with FIX protocol specification.

Why do I need FACTS?
FACTS reduces time and cost of compatibility testing, offers a predefined set of tests for all asset classes and trading phases and provides an immediate diagnosis of any problems discovered. Besides, working with FACTS requires no programming skills.

What FIX protocol versions does FACTS support?
FACTS supports the following FIX protocol versions: 4.0-4.4, 5.0, 5.0 SP1.

I'm a FPL member. Do I have any benefits?
FPL members can perform the following tests for free: US Treasuries Bonds, Notes and Bills, US Agency Discount Notes and Coupons and US Corporate Bond.

How do I access tests?
Click the Registration link in the login area and fill in the form with your account name and e-mail. FACTS will send you an e-mail with a confirmation link. Finally, FACTS administrators will contact you and activate your account.

How do I restore my login name and/or password!
Send an e-mail with a corresponding request to support@b2bits.com.

How do I test my application?
Please see the detailed instructions on application testing in the FACTS Testing Guide.

Can I test more than one application?
Yes, you can create and test multiple applications from your account.

How can I add/remove tests from the list in FACTS?
You can contact the administrator and discuss the proposed changes.

How can I contact the administrator?
Send your query at support@b2bits.com.