FACTS 2.0 - FIX Automated Certification and Testing Service

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The biggest issue with deploying FIX is completing the integration with your internal systems and testing against counterparties. Recognizing this, B2BITS has developed a testing and monitoring tool to reduce time to operation and cost of deployment, as well as help ensure that your FIX implementation is a high quality service.

The FIX Automated Certification and Testing Service enables trading parties who use the FIX protocol to substantially reduce the time and cost of compatibility testing. FACTS 2.0 allows sell-side and buy-side firms to quickly and easily detect and mend a full range of problems related to violations of the FIX protocol specification and of application level conventions.

FACTS 2.0 is a script-based testing service that can be customized to mirror the FIX implementation of any sell side or exchange. It is interactive and offers an immediate diagnosis of any problems discovered.

FACTS 2.0 also features an administrative suite with comprehensive reports on test results and progress. The logs for any attempt conducted at all tests may be viewed in real time. This provides a complete audit trail of testing activity and results.


  • Support FIX 4.0 - 4.4, 5.0, 5.0 SP1
  • Support FIX customizations
  • Support all asset classes
  • Rich database of samples
  • Hosted environment and Standalone deployment options available
  • Able to simulate all workflow scenarios, create custom scenarios
  • No programming skills required to design test scripts
  • Easy-to-use tests design interface
  • Administrative interface
  • Support multiple test sessions simultaneously
  • Regression testing options
  • Ability to review history of test runs and compare results

FACTS 2.0 is provided as a managed service where B2BITS will manage the entire process of certifying your counterparties from providing specifications to the required implementation of the FIX protocol through diagnosis and debugging of client fix logs.