Using FIXT 1.1 ProtocolFIX Antenna .NET Programmer's Guide

As was noticed in About FIX 5.0 chapter, when FIX 5.0 was released, the decision was made to separate application-level protocol specifications and transport-level part of the specifications.

As the result, FIXT 1.1 (the FIX Session Protocol version 1.1) became available.

In order to differentiate between them, there is a special overload of FixEngineCreateSession(String, String, FixVersion, SessionExtraParameters, MessageStorageType, FixVersion) function that accepts 2 different parameters of com.b2bits.FIXAntennaFixVersion type.

First parameter version is a version of application-level FIX protocol while ssnver is a transport-level protocol.

The table below explains what possible combination of version and ssnver parameters will be valid. version = FIXT11 is not valid because FIXT11 is a session-level protocol.

FixVersionversion = FIXT11version = FIX50version = FIX44 .. FIX40
ssnver = FIXT11InvalidValidValid
ssnver = FIX50InvalidValidInvalid
ssnver = FIX44 .. FIX40InvalidInvalidValid, if ssnver matches version
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