Advanced Development and Administration TopicsFIX Antenna .NET Programmer's Guide

Understanding of advanced development his topics will require working knowledge of basic FixAntenna features. We recommend reading Fix Protocol Concepts and FixAntenna.NET Basic Development Concepts first and studying "Hello, World!" Sample Walkthrough and Quick Samples before proceeding to this section.

Please also see FixAntenna Configuration chapter, as far as most topics will be devoted both to development and configuration issues.

In This Section

Session Identifier chapter explains what is Session Identifier, Session Qualifier and how they can be used to create multiple sessions with the same Sender/Target pair.

Encryption chapter describes how to encrypt data that is transferred by FixEngine in order to protect secure information.

Using Decorators chapter describes how to increase the productivity of FIX developers by using Decorators - a separate library that is included into FixAntenna.NET package. This library enables a strongly-typed access to the fix messages.

FIX Protocol Customization and Validation chapter demonstrates how one can broaden the abilities of FIX Protocol standards by adding user-defined fields and user-defined message types and also by overriding validation rules.

Using FIXT 1.1 Protocol chapter describes some peculiarities of using FIXT Protocol.

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