B2BITS FIX Antenna C++  2.30.1
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Cqg::MdGroup Struct Reference

Market data group. More...

#include <B2BITS_CqgDefines.h>

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Public Attributes

FeedID id_
 ID of the feed. More...
UdpChannel incrementChannel_
 Parameters of the incremental channel. More...
TcpAddress replayChannel_
 Parameters of the Historical replay channel. More...
UdpChannel snapshotChannel_
 Parameters of the snapshot channel. More...

Detailed Description

Market data group.

Member Data Documentation

◆ id_

FeedID Cqg::MdGroup::id_

ID of the feed.

◆ incrementChannel_

UdpChannel Cqg::MdGroup::incrementChannel_

Parameters of the incremental channel.

◆ replayChannel_

TcpAddress Cqg::MdGroup::replayChannel_

Parameters of the Historical replay channel.

◆ snapshotChannel_

UdpChannel Cqg::MdGroup::snapshotChannel_

Parameters of the snapshot channel.